(Document Scanning)

We provide Legal Document scanning services in Washington DC, Virginia (VA), Maryland (MD), California, Florida Pro-Legal’s secure imaging facility is located in Washington DC and is equipped with state of the art imaging equipment and software and staffed with a diverse, experienced, dedicated and motivated staff. Our imaging equipment inventory includes flatbed, high volume, color and large format scanners and an array of image enhancement software and tools. Our comprehensive imaging solutions include: On and offsite services. 24/7/365 services. Secure/Safe Harbor certified processing facilities. Dedicated and accountable project management personnel assigned to jobs from inception through delivery. Detailed logging, tracking and reporting. Document preparation (removal of fasteners and bindings and post-processing repair). Logical and physical unitization. Attachment range capture. Page naming and image endorsement. Capture of acquisition level (source) and other index field information. OCR and other text conversion options. Multiple image format conversion options. Extensive image, text and metadata (cross reference, data elements, etc) delivery formats, including all litigation support applications and platforms as well as custom formats.

Our quality control process incorporates “evergreen” industry standard training, project-specific training, an integrated feedback loop process, a manual 100% source to image output comparison, and use of routine automated image enhancement routines to ensure that: Images are at the appropriate resolution. Detail is present in highlights or shadow. Flare and tonal values are even. Contrast is sharp and even. Image orientation is appropriate. “Noise” is minimal. Images are not skewed. Image file names and folder structure are accurate. Load files are tested for accuracy prior to delivery. CDs/DVDs are properly created and labeled.